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Sunday, April 15th, 2012


Photowise these are going to be some boring weeks for us all, folks, as I am busy with other things, have posted a variety of holiday photos into the albums already, and don’t want to repeat too many things. Eeek! I shall mostly be really busy with work things – now that my PhD is done-but-for-the-publication my class load has doubled for this term, and that, along with some other classes and projects I am committed to is keeping me busy-busy … and then there’s the interdisciplinary lecture series I’m co-hosting and also giving a talk at, and there’s an article I need to finish and another one I ought to start writing … yep, busy-busy. It’s good I don’t have much of a regular weekend social life in early spring, otherwise I would really rue handing yet another weekend over to work. :-) As it is, it’s still annyoing, but less than actually having to cancel something for it. The plan is to have the article I ought to finish ready to send off for a grammar/flow beta (it’s been a long time since I did any academic writing in German, and das/dass slips by me far too often anyway) before the first meeting starts tomorrow. Write write write! Polish polish polish!

Then it’s going to be one of the fullest weeks of term, appointments-wise, what with commissions of all sorts meeting, new potential colleagues being interviewed and all … and then it’ll be time to ponder what I’m going to say at the lecture in ten days’ time – that’s on my schedule for next weekend, though, and I’m not really thinking that far ahead yet. Linear thinking is the mode for today. One thing after the other.

In non-work things I can report that I watched the ZDF “Super-Champion” quiz show last night (while doing some low-brain computer cleaning etc, and in lieu of a choice between all the Titanic movies in the history of, possibly, the last 100 years). It did not impress me much – the questions were good, some of the experts too, but the moderation was off and some of the contestants too clichéed for me. And what did most stick with me was how their giant arrow (of which one can find no pictures online, tricksy, ZDF, tricksy!) looked rather unfortunately like a giant (there’s no getting around it) penis. It totally did. Phallic objects of non-subtlety were not subtle. And since the contestants had to ‘screw’ the experts, it was even – albeit I fear completely unintentionally – kinda funny. So yeah. That was yesterday. Back to my word document now! How was your weekend?

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