Here, have a rant!

About smoothies, at that. So, as some of you know and a lot of you don’t really need to, I cannot eat everything I might want to, for I get sick when I do. Allergies and intolerances, they are in the house body. Well, one deals and is happy that none of them can kill one. (I know people where that is not so, and trust me, I’m glad to not have to deal with that.) Anyway, this post is not to be a ‘oh no, poor woobie’ kind of thing – hey, we all carry some stuff or other around with us etc pp bla bla. Rather, it’s a post of supreme annoyance about the secretive changing of ingredients in products one buys, and in a strange way about vindication for a paranoia I did not really want vindicated and/or was actually getting better about.

You see, I have this thing about reading ingredients lists. For the same product, even if its something I’ve bought for years – before I open it, I read the list of ingredients and double-check there’s nothing I’m not supposed to have in there. Things I’ve never bought I of course check in the store, but even mainstay staple products get checked before I open them. Which, yes, is a bit silly and possibly a bit paranoid, and sometimes awkward when I’m staying with people that bought these things for me and where I know, I know that they understand about the things I’m not supposed to eat and that they have never bought something that it turned out I could not eat and and why don’t I trust them? And its not them I don’t trust, or at least not any less or more than myself –> see double-checking things I myself bought. This double-checking is just something I trained myself to do when all of this was new and bewildering, and its worked and better safe twice than … . But still, yep, totally a bit paranoid.

 And then there are days like today, where all that paranoia suddenly becomes vindicated, and if I hadn’t checked, what do you know, I’d not be posting this here right now.

Enter ALDI NORD Fruit Smoothies, stage left. The “cherry-banana” version, to be precise. Which, for the months that I’ve been bying them, contained banana, cheery, grape and blackcurrant, and which I’ve been bying so regularly that I’ve stopped checking the ingredients in the shop, and only check before opening and consuming the thing. And, what do you know, phew, thank you, slight paranoia – nice safe!

For, without any fanfare, fuss, sign, announcement of a changed recipe or even the slightest redesign of the packaging, what product features apple as a main igredient now? I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. Yep, the “CHERRY – BANANA” snoothie. Nice job, ALDI NORD. NOT. And since I did not check the ingredients in the store, guess who now has a fridge full of the things that I cannot drink? Yep, that’d also be me (the cherry-banana ones always go really quickly, so stocking up when there were some available was always thing to do). I”ll try taking them back tomorrow, but I don’t have much hope. And I’m really more annoyed about the principle and underhanded secretiveness of the thing than anything else. Happy to not have ingested it, of course, but also really annoyed – not so much about the recipe change, but at the sneakiness of it all.



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  1. john

    It must be a nightmare to have to check everything you eat and drink.
    I really feel for you, when you find something you like and they change it sneaky like that.
    It’s great you are so on the ball to see the change’s they made.
    hope you have good luck with the return:)

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