Text Posts – Categories

Among the vast archive of photos I have posted over the last few years, some more specific texts posts are hiding here and there.

Here is a link to their categories.

  • and if you ever come by here
    • a sub-entry to “my poetry” – in lieu of the closure real life lacks, and replaces with distance and time and regret(s)

  • We’re all Citizens of Galavar
    • “On the clearest of days, when the winds of the Aetherium were calm and peaceful, and the layers between worlds wore thin, the citizens of Galavar could sometimes glimpse the trees beneath the ground through the fragmenting earthsky. Those were days to tread carefully, though – one ill-considered step and away they would float, to resurface miles, days, and sometimes lives away, naked, cold and shivering, hearts filled with wild and improbable tales, and eyes full of a terrible, haunting wonder.”