About the Website

Or, to use the German title, the “Impressum:”

I can be reached at:

Dr. Sibylle Machat
Postfach 2201
24912 Flensburg

sibylle@[this website URL without the www. bit]


This page belongs to Sibylle Machat. I am not responsible for the stuff written or linked to on other pages, since since last time I checked I wasn’t almighty, omnipotent or any of the sort, hence I am really quite incapable of influencing what other people link to or write about on their webpages. So, what’s here is mine, the rest – nope.


The name

This website used to be called gethe-and-goth.com for more than 6 years, but, it turns out, that was a very weird joke that was really only funny if you were in Heidelberg in a certain cafe on a certain day, listening to different tourist guides … so, not really. Mostly the name led folks to ask whether or not I was a) a goth or b) blogging about Goethe … and as I am (doing) neither, well … maybe possibly not the best name. The URL still works though, and shall keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

So, Sibyllogy? Well, still a geeky joke, but this time a riff on my first name in combination with one of my favorite academic subjects – narratology. And, if I ever release an album, it will absolutely be called Sibyllogy. (Anthology, narratology, symbology, terminology, sibyllogy, etc :-) ).



The contents

Are still taking shape! I plan to blog about thought provoking academic articles that I think might be interesting for a wider audience to read than might usually encounter them, and there’re also going to be some photographs and (bad) poems, and some links to interesting and cool stuff, and and and … it’s about points of view, relativity, and things that I find fascinating and want to share with the world. So, you know: stuff!

So, I think after two years the contents are no longer ‘still taking shape’ but have sorted themselves into a quite definitive shape. Turns out that, about a year into having this blog, I fell in love with photography far harder and bought myself a DSLR camera, and ever since then posts of photos have definitely made up most of the posts on here. So, expect lots of photos, the occassional poem or rambly post about my travels, my life, academia, … what still holds true is that it’s all about points of view, relativity, and things that I find fascinating and want to share with the world. So, still: stuff!