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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011


I think that most everyone has a certain song, or a number of songs, that always (or most always) help them to improve their mood, or that one associates cheerfulness with, or safety, or mellowness, or any number of emotions. (And the same might be true for songs that never fail to make one sad). I know I certainly do have songs that can cheer me up, and today I just want to share one of them with you, rather randomly, and mostly because I’ve been listening to it on repeat on the way home just now.

It’s a comparatively recent find, and I came to it via the nationwide German classical radio station, Klassikradio.de.  It was composed by Phil Coulter and is called the Coultergeist. (And if I thought I had more time during the summer, I’d totally learn how to play it on the piano, as it does not sound unmanageable to me. Alas, sheetmusic is nowhere to be found, and I really ought to be doing other things. But anyway, I digress… .)

There are a number of interesting adaptations of the song on youtube, some better than others, but unfortunately none of them comes close to the original. But the internet is wide and varied, and if youtube does not have what you are looking for, some other video portal surely will.

Thus: if you’re so inclined, this way to the Coultergeist.

5 Responses to “Coultergeist”

  1. Guy Siegl Says:

    I agree with you, that´s wonderful song help us to improbe our mood. It is strong, invade our soul and it´s something which instigate anyone who plays the piano to know how to play it. Unfortunatelly I didn´t find any piano sheet, so I´ll try to play it by myself. If anyone knows where can I find the Contergeist sheet, please tell me.

  2. Diane Says:

    Perhaps you could learn it from this YouTube tutorial:


  3. Sibylle Says:

    YES! Oh, thank you so much for that link!!! YAY!

  4. Roger Colom Says:

    You can purchase a transcript here:


    In that same page you can find a video of it being played…

  5. Sibylle Says:

    Ooooh thank you!!

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