spiral me along (june 2001)

A spring of window colours fades
into greyscale;
early summer, drawing closer.
Secret anxieties that I spiral along;
that spiral me along; alone.
Yet I would not cede voluntarily
this maelstrom’s horizon.
Chains, if chains these are,
then chains these are of my own forging,
from which unchained my heart cannot be.
Always I’d rather break along with you
than turn my back and leave you to face
the darkness – unknown.
Time too short for giving you less than all I am or can be.
Even all my chips less than you deserve.
A watch for falling stars
my only secret,
desperate remedy.
A miracle, for you.
How I wish I had one.
But if I am a conjurer of anything at all,
then it’s only one of mundane wor(l)ds,
the stars out of reach.


One response to “spiral me along (june 2001)”

  1. john

    beautifully written,
    images so wrought,
    thanks for the perception.

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