Something Old

 Julian Apostata This is another challenge reply, this time for the prompt “something old.”

This, a nummus depicting the Roman Emperor Julian, is the oldest human-made thing I own (I own rocks and sand that are way, way older than this, but no human hand shaped those [afaik]) . The back tells you that it was forged in Sirmium (located in modern-day Serbia), sometime between 361 and 363. So it’s between 1650 and 1652 years old. Cool, eh?







3 responses to “Something Old”

  1. David Weingart

    This is freakin’ COOL!

    1. Sibylle

      It is, isn’t it? It’s about the size of a €1 coin, and, while arguably not as impressive as the gold solidus coins from the same age and region are, I really like it, and am impressed by how clearly the imprint still is (I also own a couple of Byzantine coins that are far more worn…).

  2. interesting and very pretty!

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