So this is Walden

Walden Pond, Concord





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  1. Alan T.


    Did you see the site of Thoreau’s cabin?

    I visited Walden Pond about 11 years ago, and my memory is fuzzy. I seem to remember a pile of stones at the site of the cabin, and an actual cabin, but it was certainly a replica and I don’t think it was at the original site.

    Here are my two favorite Thoreau stories. Perhaps you know if they are actually true.

    1. Thoreau’s mother did his laundry. He took his laundry home every week so she could do it for him.

    2. When Thoreau was on his deathbed, a well-meaning but tactless neighbor proclaimed, “It’s time to make your peace with God, Henry.” Thoreau replied, “We never quarreled.”

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