Into the Sky

Uh, have a mobile phone snapshot from earlier today, just so that something is happening on here again … . I kind of fell down on the updateryness, didn’t I? Ooops … . And to be honest, I don’t see it getting better for another week or so. You see, these days I am spending my days from ~8:30am to 4:30pm in the NASA archives (NASA! IKNOWRIGHT?!?!?), and then in the Library of Congress from ~5pm to anytime between 8pm and 9:30pm, depending on how long my mental faculties hold out, and so I don’t get much besides sleeping, eating, working done. It’s all good, but it means that I have accumulated a photo and things-that-are-happening backlog of rather impressive length, and don’t have the time/energy to tackle it, as I am spending it all on work. Which is good, but means the tumbleweeds are rollin’ here… .



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  1. This is an exceptional time. Dont fret too much documenting yet. Savour the moment now! On a frosty night in Flensberg, you will look back and remember with a smile how your routine involved dashing from NASA to the Library Of Congress on a hot humid Washington DC afternoon. :-)

  2. Yeah, CC, I know, but still I could have been posting a photo or two, no? :-) Also if I don’t document a little, at least for myself, I might/will/could forget all that has happened, and these blog entries are meant to prevent that for myself, as much as they are meant to entertain folks :-)

  3. Oh I understand that. My blogging is just for me. Sympathise about the backlog tho. Recently spent 2 long evenings editing 2 months of photos. When I’d caught up, I wasn’t as satisfied as I’d hoped I’d be. I was just back to where I should’ve been and that’s all. Like I’d just done my accounts or something :-)
    I spend so much time documenting what I do. LJ, websites, Flickr, FBook, blogs…I never kept a diary pre-computers – now I’m driven to do so – in several places – with photos! :-) I sometimes dream about letting it all go. Just live and sometimes forget things – which despite all the documenting I still do :-)
    Not gonna happen tho… :-) – gotta stick with it.
    So yes I was hopelessly trying to make you feel better about the backlog – and also dreaming aloud again about letting it all go :-)

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