DC reporting in, #9: Miami


I’m behind behind in posting my reports – so much has happened in the last 12 days that I’ve got to play catch up (but then more things happen and one gets further behind, and also what with photos needing to be edited and sorted … la la la). Anyway: so, yes, Miami. As you could already see from the two iphone photo snapshots I posted last week I went to Miami. Precisely I went to visit my friend E, who is there right now, and we had a lovely five days, full of sunshine and meeting E’s lovely friends and lizards and boats and walking and fooood and Corona (a beer made from rice and corn, who knew? I wish I had!) and verdant grenery and Banyan trees and and and … it was great! I did get a bit of a sunburn on the last day (seems that I am incapable of leaving Florida without one, as that makes it 2 for 2).

I’m running a bit late with my needing-to-go-to-the-library-ness, as I’ve been doing website admin things on various pages for the last two hours (so it’ll be a late night @ the LoC, I reckon), so that’s it for now … but I leave you with two Miami photos, in slightly larger than usual-for-a-report-from-DC size. As always, click to enlarge.

plam trees and beaches


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  1. I’m finding it a bit of a struggle lately, when I get busy, documenting what I’m doing. Livejournal, e-newsletter, website, Facebook, and as for Twitter… – Even copying over I often feel too busy doing it, to document it. It all seems necessary these days – keeping friends in the loop, and entertaining for publicity/fans/followers – but in times not long ago (said the old man in the corner) it was quite unusual to keep “a diary” – certainly among my friends.
    But now, when it builds up, I feel guilty, and it’s like I’ve got homework to do… :-/
    When I left school, did I really imagine, that in adulthood, I’d be giving myself all this homework???

  2. Jela

    Lovely pictures!
    Since I go with a once-a-month-post mostly I have found an acceptable balance between things building up and being hesitant to post. I might even go to twice a month, as that would not be spamming already. But there is a lot less interesting stuff happening in my life to report about ;-)

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