Something True

Indochine tickets!

So one of the things I’ve been challenged to photograph – and the thing that has really been giving me trouble –  is “something true.” My blog, in its conception and name and description, if not always in its postings, is supposedly all about things often not being as ‘true’ as they seem, about how things and their perception always depend on one’s point of view and previous knowledge and experiences. … and so I spent the odd five minutes or so, when out photographing, looking for any abstract ‘true’ thing that I could photograph. And found none that I liked.

So I finally decided to take the easier way out, and to go for something concrete and solid which is, at this moment in time in which I am typing this, true. The ‘something true’ here is that I got two concert tickets (which I really wanted to have) for Christmas from my parents and will thus – always barring unforeseen circumstances &c – be attending two Indochine concerts in France in late February. The tickets weren’t a surprise present – the tickets went on sale on some Monday morning at 10am in November and I asked my dad to sit in front of the computer and to try and get some for me, as concerts were going to sell out quickly, most people need to work at that time of day, and I could not be in front of the computer at the time … and he did. Also, before all this could happen, I had to apply for and get days off as well. But I did, in the end, get the tickets themselves for Christmas. And so the plan is that I shall be in France in late February, and will finally get to see Indochine in concert.

So, as far as plans go, this one is true. And hence, voila, a photo of “something true.”


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