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Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Savannah, GA

I’m in Savannah, where the houses are old (well, comparatively), the oaks are live, and the air is humid. I spent a good time of the day driving here, and as soon as I left Florida the sunshine was gone (it came back later in the day, but it rained a lot first), so that was a weird kind of mirror to my arrival in Florida – clouds and rain until I reached the state boarder driving down, and clouds and rain as soon as I left. Since I only got here at around 2pm I decided to go on one of those trolley tours that give you an overview of the city, and ended up doing the tour twice (it’s a 2-day ticket [since I bought it after 2pm]), since the first time it rained pretty solidly and just as we finished the sun came out, and one could not really see too much or well through the plastic tarpaulin they covered the trolley with to keep the rain out.

Went walking for a bit after the tour, until the sun went down – I’ve pretty much turned into a flower that closes up for the night when the sun goes down, or like one of those weird people that fall asleep once the sunshine goes in that SG episode (it was a SG episode, right? Where people also aged really quickly, due to some bug-thing?): once the sun goes, I kind of wilt and want to sit down and not move again – I pretty much eat, update here, and then sleeeeeeep. Night entertainment and events are kind of wasted on me – but morning events are totally my thing. I’m usually out the door by around 8am, so it’s all good in my book (only some places could open earlier :-)). Let’s see what happens when I need to time-shift back to UTC+1 in two days!

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