Horse Country

horses with fence

This photo is actually from yesterday, not from today, but today was all about horses, so it fits in spirit, if not in location. Lexington, Kentucky, and the area surrounding it are a horse breeding region, and so you can drive through gently rolling hills of blue grass and white pasture fences for hours. Unsurprisingly, they’re also big on advertizing their horse business here, and so you can do all sorts of horse-related things.

I decided to go to the Kentucky Horse park, which, besides of an interesting museum, was … not great. Possibly interesting to people who have never seen a horse in the history of ever, and don’t even know that they have, like, four legs.

The Churchill Downs in Louisville made up for it though … less “What is a baby horse called?” and more interesting history. My conference starts tomorrow, so, while I will keep posting travel reports for some posts yet, I am actually mostly done with the adventuring.




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