So I went to take a look at the dragonboat races, but the best photo I took was of a seagull. Go figure. Photographing dragonboats well is hard, though, because there are only a few places where you have an unobstructed view of the fjord (ships moored in all the other places), and those spots were, not surprisingly, packed with people. So no close-ups of labouring people and flying spray, but merely a scenic photo to give you an impression of what it was like. The event is still going on as I type, I can hear them from up here, but while the fjord is lovely, cold and (not very) deep, I have pages and pages to write before I sleep. (Sorry, Robert Frost. ) Also things to sell on ebay. Out of the house with you, things, out of the house. Leave now, and never come back.






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