DC Reporting in, #13: The Edgewalk

Lalala, backlog what backlog … .

I went to Toronto for FKO and early on decided that I was going to stay an extra day, and while at FKO I convinced K, S & W to do the Edgewalk on the CN Tower with me! Which was a tad scary but mostly awesome, and I am really glad that we all did this together. (Basically you walk around the tower, on top of its restaurant platform, outside).

CN Tower EdgeWalk-4
the Edgewalker
The tiny red guy is the Edgewalker who went on the walk after us, as seen from the Skypod on top of the Tower



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  1. I so admire how you find out about something, set yourself to do it, and just do it, and enjoy the moment. Wish I was more like that :-)

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