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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Photography Challenge II

As you can see from this blog, I like taking photographs.

My usual approach ist to take the camera along and then just to wander and meander and to photograph interesting things that I come across, but from time to time I also like to go at things the other way around, with a concept in mind that I then try to picture and frame … and that is where you come in: I need concepts, ideas, motifs, requests!

I want you to tell me what to photograph!

Just reply here with what you’d like to see, and I will then do my best to fulfill your request(s)!

Give me a word, a phrase, a mood, an object, a quote, a color, a …  whatever comes to mind!

These challenge phrases can range from the abstract (something like ‘sad’ or ‘the perfect moment,’ …) to a title one might give a photo (‘the loneliest cloud’), to the semi-concrete (‘something that annoys you’) or to concrete things (‘a towel’) … or to things I cannot even think of right now!

My only caveat is that if I consider something too personal, then it won’t happen (not that I think you’d ask it anyway, but just to be clear: the only, say, ‘tits’ you’d get to see are those of the avian variety).

So: Want to challenge me? Post your requests in the comments!!!

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Five months? Means a challenge!

So, my website/blog has been online for five months now.* (Is it its fifth mensiversary? Who knows! If it isn’t then I just made that word up, on the basis that mensis means month in Latin and anniversary means a one-year-thing, so… . Also: annus = year. Two year anniversary = wrong! Correct: Second anniverary. Gethe-and-Goth.com, where the random grammar asides come free of charge. Ha.)

But, I digress.

A lot.

More to the point: Five months, people, and more than six thousand visitors, not counting the folks reading on an RSS feed or via livejournal crossposting. Thank you all for dropping by (and keep doing so! :-) ). I hope you like what you’re seeing and reading.

photo by Rika

So, as a thingy-do (very precise word, thingy-do!), and as something I saw elsewhere some years back and have been wanting to do since then anyway, let’s be interactive when it comes to me taking photographs!


What I propose is this: rather than me just  randomly posting photos of things I encounter, I want you to tell me what to photograph, and I will then do my best to fulfill your requests/challenges! Give me a word, a phrase, a mood, an object, … you want to see, and I’ll see what I can find and photograph.

These challenge phrases can, I’d imagine, range from the abstract (something like ‘sad’ or ‘the perfect moment,’ …) to a title one might give a photo, to the semi-concrete (‘something that annoys you,’ ‘something you regret,’ …) or to concrete things like ‘a towel’). I’ll try to fulfill all reasonable (!) requests**, but depending on what you ask for, how many people reply (six thousand in five months, folks), and when I encounter something that I think fits, it might take some time… . If it gets super-busy I might also close this at some point until I have cleared the backlog.

So, anyone want to play?

Fire away!


*There are posts on here that claim to be older than April 10th, but they’re all backdated – either to the day on which they appeared in my LJ, or so that they don’t clutter up the blog, in the case of the content that I link to on the media page. I picked a random day in the past for those.
**I might be ideosyncratic in deciding what I consider to be reasonable and what I don’t, but lets just say that thinga that are too personal are out for sure. My favourite mug? Why not. My toes? Not so much. (Albeit I did once post a close-up of my eye…).