Photography Challenge II

As you can see from this blog, I like taking photographs.

My usual approach ist to take the camera along and then just to wander and meander and to photograph interesting things that I come across, but from time to time I also like to go at things the other way around, with a concept in mind that I then try to picture and frame … and that is where you come in: I need concepts, ideas, motifs, requests!

I want you to tell me what to photograph!

Just reply here with what you’d like to see, and I will then do my best to fulfill your request(s)!

Give me a word, a phrase, a mood, an object, a quote, a color, a …  whatever comes to mind!

These challenge phrases can range from the abstract (something like ‘sad’ or ‘the perfect moment,’ …) to a title one might give a photo (‘the loneliest cloud’), to the semi-concrete (‘something that annoys you’) or to concrete things (‘a towel’) … or to things I cannot even think of right now!

My only caveat is that if I consider something too personal, then it won’t happen (not that I think you’d ask it anyway, but just to be clear: the only, say, ‘tits’ you’d get to see are those of the avian variety).

So: Want to challenge me? Post your requests in the comments!!!






14 responses to “Photography Challenge II”

  1. Rafe

    Not a specific thing as such, but I’ve noticed that although you do wonderful photos of objects and landscapes you don’t seem to photograph people? Either as scenes with people in them or as actual portraits.

  2. Sibylle

    That is true, I don’t … the law is very clear on people owning the rights to their own image, so as soon as one posts photos in which people are the main focus/recognizable without being allowed to do so, one can get into a world of trouble … .

    But it is also a question of common decency for me – I do not like it if people post photos of me without asking, so I don’t do the same. So I do actually take more photos of people (with their permission/have had some portrait request), or of landscapes with people in them, but I do not post them here.

  3. Rafe

    Ah I see – as I understand it, the law here is very different. How does it work for crowd scenes where it’s impossible to ask everyone?

    I was mainly wondering how portraits by you would look, since you’re so very good at landscapes and objects

    1. Sibylle

      Yeah, its very strict over here – and I’d *love* to be able to really try my hand at shooting portraits – did some family ones over Xmas, but would like to do some more non-traditional ones and to have more patient models and and and … . So I totally get where you’re coming from.

      And: Thank You!!!

  4. Colin

    The view underneath your car?

  5. Rick

    Cat’s Eye View

  6. Peter Alway

    “Things that go.” That is to say vehicles, vessels and modes of transportation–preferably in the act of moving on the ground, through the air, or in the water.

  7. dtiefling

    Here’s something from my usual subject matter: “mountain”. Of course, doesn’t have to be literal.

  8. Lisande

    Something magical! Like a moment, a mood, an object – have fun!

  9. nuduri

    Dew! And clearings maybe?

  10. Toast

    How about “almost missed it”?

  11. Hi! I am also an amateur photographer, and would love to see how you would approach some of my favorite or recent subjects. Does that appeal? Here are three:

    Bird and water
    Tree shape

    FYI, I learned about this challenge at

    Best wishes to you!

  12. px


    – a duvet/comforter/blanket (or whatever is on your bed)
    – “that scratchy/tired eye feeling when you’ve been on the computer too long”
    – relief
    – orange
    – your favourite song :D

  13. Bamboo

    Can you find an amphibian, for example a newt that looks like a little dragon?
    I can wait until summer :-)

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