All my bags are packed

packed bags
In these bags (well, two suitcases and one bag) are most all of the things that I thought worthwhile carrying over the pond with me for 7 months. About half of the volume of the checkered bag is taken up by my warm winter coat, which I’ve dithered about taking, but have decided to include after all. It’s been quite … chilly … in DC recently, and although it’s been getting warmer you never know if that trend is going to last. So, the coat is coming with me.

My plan is to blog for you all about my time and adventures in DC at least once a week – there might be photos more frequently than that, and as I get around to editing older photos those will show up as well, but I definitely want to actually ‘word at you’ at least once per week.

So, for the time being: all of my grading is done (it took a good chunk out of the weekend and the last two days), either emailed to Flensburg already or in the process of being physically mailed there (BA/MA thesis evaluations need to be signed, so…), my bags are packed, the laptop is backed up, the I-devices are charging, I’ve got an audio book to read tomorrow and am going to acquire the ARC of Dragon in Exile so that I’ve got something to read as well, plus I carry a physical copy of Tom Buhrow’s Gebrauchsanweisung für Washington (~ ‘Instruction Manual for DC‘) for when batteries run low … got some money, some plastic money, my passport, visa, … so, yeah, I think I’m ready. Read you on the flipside!


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  1. Katy

    I loooove the giraffe suitcase :) You have a fab trip, lady, I will think of you lots and hope to read you regularly :) Huuugs!

  2. Lovely :-) (I’ll stop this now…)

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