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Posts Tagged ‘paper’

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Thinking, big and small

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

A little more knowledge

a photo of a stack of paper

I have written 36 pages in the last 2 days. And I totally could keep going, but I’ve got to get up earlyish tomorrow morning to drop the guinea pigs off, in preparation for my transatlantic adventure. I’m really on a roll though, and tomorrow I might not be, and … still, let’s be sensible. No one is as young as they used to be. Ever. It’s such a breath of fresh wind though, to be writing something other than the PhD. Darn. Let’s hope the PhD feels like the same fresh wind once I get back to it … or if not, at least like the home stretch… .

Other excitement for tomorrow will include finding out whether the old pin number works with the new credit card (replacement for expired date, not *new* new…). Fingers crossed – if it turns out not to, things will be … interesting.

The bag depicted on here is from the British Newspaper Library, and it holds my stack of copies of newspaper articles about Apollo 13 and/or Earth Day. The text on the bag says, in total, “Researching the World’s Knowledge.”