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Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Making Spaetzle


Monday, February 27th, 2012


some painted easter eggs, fancy

I am in Mannheim right now for an upcoming birthday celebration in the family and spending a lot of my time working on my disputation presentation for next Friday (almost finished, I think) and generally looking up bits and bobs that I ran out of time with my dissertation on, but in between all that academicificationeering (at some point I’ll come here when I am not busy with work!) I went along to an outing to a local Easter Egg market today. It was … eggful. Full of eggs. Eggy. Not all of them were in one basket. And no-one got egg on their face. It was not a place conducive to photography, but I managed some, and here’s one, of … eggs. (Also, decorated eggs can be super expensive. And I personally wouldn’t spend € 150 on something that fragile. Too much clumsiness all around, for sure! Some of them were really pretty, though. Still, you know … eggs. It was kind of like an egg-themed christmas market, but without the Glühwein and sausages [they did have waffles {not, hmm, that Christmas Markets traditionally do…}]).