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Posts Tagged ‘earth’

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

The Layer between Worlds

On the clearest of days, when the winds of the Aetherium were calm and peaceful, and the layers between worlds wore thin, the citizens of Galavar could sometimes glimpse the trees beneath the ground through the fragmenting earthsky.

Those were days to tread carefully, though – one ill-considered step and away they would float, to resurface miles, days, and sometimes lives away, naked, cold and shivering, hearts filled with wild and improbable tales, and eyes full of a terrible, haunting wonder.

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Should it not be called ‘Water’ instead?

So here is a half-pondered thought I am just going to leave you with:

During the welcome reception at the ‘Imagining Earth’ conference we got to talking about the different denotations and connotations the terms Planet, World and Earth have … and the following tidbit came up: considering a) what we know about exo-planets, b) what we know about the other solid-state planets in our solar system, c) what the Earth looks like from space, and d) what makes life on this planet possible and this planet stand out from all the other planets we know … … … should ours not be called ‘Water’ (instead of ‘Earth’) ?