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Posts Tagged ‘corridors’

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Walk this Way

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Of empty halls and walkways

It’s 10:56pm, and I am the workiest at work person. Given that I got here at about 7:45 am, that makes for a bit of a long day (though I did get to leave campus for a 3 hour meeting at one of our local schools in the afternoon). The bell to kick me out will ring in another 40 minutes or so (everyone out by midnight!), but until then I’m going to finish up some things left over that I don’t want to get into again tomorrow … there’s no-one else in the building I think (no lights on anywhere that I can see, and these are the kind of times where you can play music on your work computer while working, and no one will hear or mind. It’s nice to be here so late at night, sometimes, especially in the summer – and it feels like summer right now, what with it still being 15°C or so outside… .

Music of the evening: Thomas Dolby, “To the Lifeboats”