Whimsical levels of artifice

So, the dancing was … somewhere on the slippery slope between weird and cool, I am not quite sure which ultimately won. Or would have won, had there not been a conscious decision at some point to simply accept that all the music there was ever going to be that evening would be stuff to which a strong and loud 4/4 artificial beat had been added via the inclusion of an electronic drum kit – and the beat was of the same speed, too, always. Basically, you could start moving in a certain pattern and stop three hours later, without variation having been called for. Also, it’s possible to do really horrible things to “Tubular Bells”. Aside from that one trick pony the guy who did the sampling was not without skill, and the people there all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It kind of felt like a student party at someone’s house (who happens to have a large empty room with a plywood floor), but it’s 20 years later and everyone has aged accordingly, yet the location and the music remains the same (well, plus the added beat).  It definitely didn’t beat surfing across the dancefloor to the Beach Boys, though. (Not that there were any chairs.) Will I go back? Who knows!


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