Just got home after the second long workday, and let me say it here, in case I feel less enthusiastic three months from now: I am really really glad that term has started again. Yes, one might think that leaving for work at 7.30am in the morning and returning home at 9.30pm at night and thus having spent 14 hours out of the house (can that be right? I suppose it must be – but it did not feel that long) ought to be exhausting (and it probably will be, some weeks), but this week, it hasn’t been – not really. I mean, yes, yesterday I got home and pretty much all I did was eat something and plop down on the couch and phone my parents, and the 6am alarm this morning was not greeted with cheerful smiles, but in general, its been a good two days. I forget that I actually really like teaching, during the time between term, and its always good to rediscover the delight of it, and I am really excited about the projects my students are going to be developing, as well.

So the only thing I am unhappy about is that I cannot make it to the Interdisziplinäre Kolloquium on Tuesday evenings this term, as its during the time that I am doing ‘Time for Talking,’ and I’ve always enjoyed going to the colloquium and learning about other people’s research. I like my two TFT classes too, though – yesterday I learned a lot about the shipyard in Flensburg. I just wish the two didn’t occur at the same time. (Clearly, the IK needs to be streamed online or something).

And I need to improve the food situation – advance food prep will definitely be called for, because, by9.30pm, the last thing you really want to do is spend 30 minutes cooking/waiting for things to cook, no matter how potentially tasty the zucchini etc look, and eating microwaveable rice with cickpea spread – not all that exciting, and while a perfectly good stopgap, is not a long-term plan. And I discovered that, while salad is quicker, the fact that I make a big tupperware container of salad to take to work with me in the morning (which has been working really well) means that even I don’t find a second meal of salad (that still needs to be prepared) all that enticing. If it were ready to eat, who knows. But, you know, advance food prep: not a problem. Just needs to be done.

So, yes, good (but long) days (today was longer than it was technically required to be, since I opted for 1km of swimming after the senate meeting finished [I opted out of doing more distance than that on account of the business of the pool – back to longer distances on friday]). Also, suprise encounter with a colleague from the physics department – in the pool. Networking, no telling where it might occur. :-).

Now – to write for another two hours, or to sleep, and write early tomorrow morning before I head to work? Decisions, decisions… .




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