Waiting in Line

I have some photos from the weekend to share, but since most of them were taken at sunset and the last photo was already of a redish cast, I thought I’d throw a blue one into the mix for now … this one was taken on the Albert Embankment in London when I was there, oh, a month or so ago (time flies) visiting M and D and doing a stint as a travelling scholar. I still have some photos to go through and weed out, but there never seems to be quite enough time for it, and other things need doing more urgently. Will I get done before I fly to the US next week? I doubt it. Thus, there’ll probably be an intercontinental mix of photos starting in July.

That said, yes, tomorrow a week I’ll be off to ASLE 2011! My paper is, hmm, getting there … I’m done scanning images in. Some of them came out really well, some of them … not so much. From document to microfilm to printer to scanner … quite a lot of transitions that crispness can get lost in. But they’re all perfectly legible, so that’s the main thing. Now all I need to do is finish my paper … but that’s what the weekend will have to be for. That, and for putting my final touches on my Remake | Remodel paper for the conference volume (only sliiiightly behind schedule…).

But first, class trip to Hamburg tomorrow! Then 4 days for writing and editing like a mad thing, then two days of oral exams, and then off I go to the states. Note to self: learn how to recognize tornado weather.


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