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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Un fois de plus: la tour Eiffel

Nope, we’re not quite done with la Tour yet – but I’ll spare you the obligatory silly photos where people pretend to be holding the tower up or to push it over or … and yes, I did buy one of those shiny little Eiffel Towers. Eiffel Towers and outstanding pastries and overpriced below average food eaten in locations with advantageous views. And églises and bridges and le Métro and boulevards and tourists and beaches on streets and … that’s (my experience of) Paris.

Other than that, I’m writing and reading, excited about the books my students are picking for their projects (and hoping they are having a good time reading) and why is there no summer? Also, yes, behind with emails. Tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I’m going to the local government office to get a certificate of good conduct. (Yes, yes, also more prosaically a Police Clearance Certificate, but the certificate of good conduct sounds much more mysterious and bizarre, no? I mean, what did I conduct well? I’m no conductor!).

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