Two Colours of Ice

Ice at the beach

This morning, my car battery sounded like it would really apprechiate a stint on the highway to get recharged a bit, and so after I left work I took the Flensburg bypass out to the Danish border and stopped for a tad in Wassersleben on the way back, to see what the beach looked like this winter. (For two years ago, see here). A lot less snow, and definitely colder.






2 responses to “Two Colours of Ice”

  1. john

    that’s quite a difference.
    shows that the weather is getting more random.
    we had snow in the south west of england but it didnt settle where i am.
    it’s just very cold, so give’s me the great excuse for being in good cafe having latte and cake:)

  2. Sibylle

    it is, isn’t it? According to the people here though the winter we’re having this year (regarding the dearth of snow) is more regular than the last two winters we had, where there was snow on the ground for more than three months (!) – December was too warm, Feb is a tad too cold, maybe, but the lack of snow is what you’d expect on the coast. Certainly the city was hard pressed to cope these last two winters, where 30cm of snow made all the locals think it a ‘snowpocalpyse’.

    Cold weather is indeed a fine excuse for drinking hot drinks in pleasant locales! :-)

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