What, a post without a photo?

Indeedy! Since all I’ve been doing for weeks’n’weeks is post photos without much text at all, I thought I’d post a brief chatty post to let you all know what is going on in my life. Not that there are a lot of (objectively) exciting things going on, but … subjectively, there totally are. I will, for example, get to treach Eliot’s The Waste Land tomorrow in my poetry class, which has me tons excited and a little intimidated, because it’s a bit of a tall order and I want folks to find it exciting and fascinating and not just to sit there and go ‘whatever the what of the what now?!?’ … .

Tuesdays, in general, are always ‘let’s do the mental two-step’ days for me, as they include both my MEd literature and my Master KSM business studies class, and switching from Customer Relationship Management and pricing politics to talking about American Literature in under 30 minutes is always a bit of a hop. A hop I quite enjoy, but you’ve got to mentally shake out the drapes between one class and the other.

Tonight, not terribly excitingly, is all about washing and packing (I am off to the DGfA Conference straight after work on Thursday, and tomorrow is going to be a loooong day [classes 8-11.45am, then Promotionsausschuss from noon-2pm and the University Senate meeting from 2-6pm]) and tidying up (the next weekend that I am in FL I so need to clean the windows – they’re coated in flower pollen right now, from all the spring weather that we’ve been having).

So, as you can see, things are … things! :-)

And, yes, eventually I will make a post about that there book whot got published, but that’s going to take more time than I have right now, as it needs a proper write up and all … .

So I shall hop-skip off (to the washing machine!) and leave you with a question:
Is April indeed the cruelest month?




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