To him, it is as though a thousand bars existed…

Ihm ist, als ob es tausend Stäbe gäbe
…and behind those self-same bars, no world at all.


It’s not a panther, but let me use the [very loosely translated] line from Rilke anyway.

(If I ever were to do a podcast of any sort, it would totally be a podcast of Rilke poems and Rilke translations and the problem that composing the latter is. What mostly keeps me from doing that is a total lack of knowledge/perception that it would be problematic regarding the copyright on the translations [the poems itself must to be in the public domain, I’m fairly certain, but I am equally certain that the same does not apply to their various translations…]. If that weren’t so, I’d totally be reading Rilke for you. Especially since the “RMR auf der Schaubude” podcast of people reading Rilke was discontinued in 2011. The world needs a Rilke podcast!)

So, uh, have a link to lots of different “Panther” translations, by someone who either knows there’s no problem after all, or who just posted them anyway… .







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