Titusville, FL

the Discovery!

Today I saw the Discovery! She’s currently in the Vehicle Assembly Building, being made ready for her future home in the Smithsonian, and the “KSC close up – now & tomorrow” tour takes you inside the VAB – and there she was, about 3m away from us! Definitely the best moment of my visit to the KSC, although there were a lot of good and interesting moments – but its hard to beat a space shuttle still housed in the building where they were actually put on their launching pads.

Launch Pad 39A – all of the Apollo missions except #10 and 81 shuttle missions launched from here.

Seeing the different launching pads was interesting, too, as was touching a moon rock (yay moon rock!) and seeing all sorts of different Apollo memorabilia and gadgetry. Also another really good IMAX movie about the assembly of the ISS. And, you know, just various and manifold space program things.

the Discovery!



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