Earlier this year I helped crowdfund the Michron, a time-lapse device for digital cameras. It took a while to get here, what with project completion and then shipping (the customs people needed to ponder its nature for weeks and weeks), but it finally arrived – and then sat on my photo shelf for another couple of weeks (and weeks).

Tonight I thought I’d finally try it out – and here is the result, a truly boring timelapse video of the Flensburg sunset (well, I guess you can see that the clouds were going in three different directions, depending on their height … so maybe only 99% boring). The Michron can do way more than I made it do right now … but as it is my first timelapse experiment, I thought I’d stick with “simple” for the time being. I’m looking forward to putting the Michron through its paces (I want to do sunrise to sunset on Campus from my office window [once the scaffolding is finally gone], I think)!


[click to play]





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