This gift I bring you in my arms

This gift I bring you in my arms

So I am back from Latvia and Estonia where I had a really good time and a great EASLCE conference, and I think I might also have taken some good photographs, but basically when looking at my schedule I don’t really see any open time slots when I might actually get to go look through the photographs I took to select some to post here. Basically it’s all pretty much work-work-work until, oh, the end of July? Oral exams and block seminar this week and weekend, a deadline for the revisions on an article, and of course DFDF is coming up, which is creating a lot of work at the moment, and then I am giving a paper in Bochum, and then in Würzburg two weeks after that, and BA theses are coming in and need reading and grading, and there are the weekly classes of course, and … EEK! And given that I still haven’t managed to get through the photos I took on Lanzarote in January, erm, maybe photos from Latvia and Estonia will follow some time in … August? Certainly in album form, I might go in and pick out the odd one or two before them, as I have been with my photos from Lanzarote. It’s so much easier to decide which photos to post when I’ve only had an hour or so out in the local woods to shoot a couple, the richness of motives and possibilities lurking on my SD cards after this multi-day photo-intensive trip is actually quite overwhelming.

But yeah, A+++, would go/do again!


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