The unexpected eyes


I took this shot pretty much on a whin while visiting K and S, yesterday, as we were walking to dinner, because I liked the way the light shone through the leafless tree. With my phone, half-rueing that I wasn’t shooting it with the “proper” camera. Opened it up just now to actually look at it, and noticed the pair of eyes … :-) (if eyes they are – the phone screen is too small too tell… sufficiently eye-like to be slightly creepy at any rate, no?)







3 responses to “The unexpected eyes”

  1. There I was, up in a tree, minding my own business…

  2. Katy

    This came out a LOT cooler than I thought it would … nice :)

  3. Sib

    Well, I *did* fiddle with the contrast a little and turn it b/w, but I had not expected those eyes there when I looked at it on my phone, at all.

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