The Transit of Venus






6 responses to “The Transit of Venus”

  1. colleague M

    Nice picture. Nice morning. Very nice company.
    Extreme cool to be named similar to agent M.
    (OK – Judi Dench is the actual incarnation but hey she
    is the boss of several 00 agents)
    Good day !
    Colleague M

  2. Sibylle

    Dear Colleague M,

    thank you very much, and very much likewise re. the nice company! :-) I have many more photos for you here in my office to copy onto a USB stick, just drop on by.

    Agent 00Sevenibylle :-D

  3. My first thought was: Wow, great picture!
    My second thought was: How did she DO that? It was midnight in Germany when the transit started!
    Then I realized it would still be going when the sun rose, especially in your latitude.

    1. Sibylle

      It was indeed – sunrise was at 4:47am here, and I think it went on until after 6am local time. Also: thanks! :-)

  4. pickledginger

    At least I am getting to enjoy it vicariously.

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