A moment of truth

picture of a letter, half opened

DFDF this weekend was awesome, and I got a lovely lovely bag from one of my Time for Talking students as a farewell gift tonight (photo to follow) (DFDF thinky thoughts and images to follow, too), but for now here’s a photo of a letter that was waiting for me when I got back from Bad Salzdetfurth. It’s from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), telling me that my application for funding for my trip to the ASLE conference in Bloomington was accepted. YAY!

I love the DAAD,  both (rather pragmatically) because they sent me abroad in 2001/02 when I was still a young and inexperienced student (I learned and changed so much during that year, and got to know people that I got to meet again just this weekend), but also because I really believe in the goals they want to accomplish (international student and academic exchange is a good thing!).*

And now they’re helping fund my conference trip to the US!
YAY for travel grants! Thank you, DAAD!

*that’s why I’m an active member of their Alumni network – and meeting the students the DAAD sends to Flensburg is always interesting and enriching, so its not exactly a hardship to be an active DAAD Alumni :-).


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