The man with the colorful bike

statue of a man with a bike

I’m heading home for the holidays in five days, and until then I have to finish editing and layouting ~250 pages of text, sort out presents, teach 4 classes, pack, rehearse, write, … . It’s a bit crazy right now, and if you were thinking about possibly wanting to hang out with me, come back after January 6th, ok? There’s not much space in my life right now for things that aren’t concerned with this book I have to finish.

Escape plans right now include going away somewhere in March, somewhere where its warm and sunny and one can drive around and wander along beaches, preferably where there aren’t too many poisonous animals around and I can communicate with people. But for now, another 60 pages of editing, and then dinner. I think my introduction turned out well, but chapter 2.3.4 *really* needs work. Etc. These are the thoughts to be thinking. Crunch crunch crunch. Deadline deadline deadline. La La La.

Words and phrases to delete in enormous quantities:

  • – thus
  • – of course
  • – obviously
  • – , and
  • – …


One response to “The man with the colorful bike”

  1. john

    thats one ace bike, woolly tyres could catch on:P
    you sound very busy, thanks for a good year of great poems, photos and blog-tastic articles.
    may you forever continue your barding ways, keep up the good work:)
    happy xmas

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