The End of the Hiatus

So, the arm is totally less broken – not entirely as agile and muscled and whole as it was before I broke it, six weeks and two days ago, but definitely getting there (my physiotherapist says that I can expect to be back to my old strength by Christmas, so there’s quite a ways to go, mostly in regaining muscle mass and strength, as well as some flexibility – apparently you lose 50% of your muscle mass in the first week of not using a particular muscle, and elbow joints are very quick to become rigid…). I’m not really able to heft my camera, for one, so expect a mixture of unposted photos from my archives and mobile phone snapshots for the time being – but there definitely will be posts again, as there is no lack of unposted photos, and I am also allowed (and able) to type with both hands again.

Thanks for all your good wishes, and your patience during my absence!






One response to “The End of the Hiatus”

  1. john

    Good to see you back sib.
    May you get stronger and stronger:)
    All the Best

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