The Beach Spider

This photo is from Holnis, taken back in late summer/early autumn when R was here for a visit. The weather has been really inclement towards going out and doing some photography today, and (more importantly) I just finished grading lots of project works, so there’s been no time for anything but work and food and sleep (and, you know, showers and stuff) over the last couple of days. I sure didn’t stay bored for long, did I… .

Tomorrow there are students and professors to meet and there is comitteeing to be done, and then the plan for the weekend is to re-read T.C. Boyle’s A Friend of the Earth (which I will be teaching on Tuesday) and Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire (Wed). And I need to perfect my Cohen-crooning, as the song I ought to be able to play and sing by Wednesday is “So long, Marianne” (laugh and cry!). Busy busy busy. Still, amidst it all, if the weather is clement, I think I might go to the beach for a bit on the weekend, just to get a bit windblown and out-of-the-flat.

Grading and getting prepped for the meeting tomorrow were my big after-PhD plan, now that that’s done with and it’s back to the week-by-week routine I think the lack of frantic writing will really become noticeable. (One week today!)

Which begs the question:

The Ecozon@ Journal article submission deadline for the SF issue is Jan 31. For obvious reasons I haven’t written anything for it yet. But that’s, like, in two weeks. And I did all this research about books and TV series and films that I did not integrate into my thesis. Do I let the deadline pass me by, or do I spend the weekend frantically writing? I’m torn between being lazy and being productive. I mean, I’ve probably earned a wee spree of not writing anything, but if all I end up is bored instead, I might as well write, yes? Or if not the journal article, then at least my paper abstract for the EASLCE Conference in June? (Do I want to go? Yes! No. I don’t know. I need to publish my PhD, and funding (large parts of) both will undoubtedly be my own private affair, and I am tired of spending my own money on what is essentially work). And then there’s also the DGfA Conference. And ought I not wait and see what happens with my PhD? (Nah, but everyone keeps asking me if I am anxious about the results, and when I expect to hear something by, and I am really not all that anxious. I think I eventually will be, sure, but right now I am still mostly glad that I’ve handed it in, and still too fond of my intellectual monsterbaby to worry about its undoubtedly present defects. I mean, 375 pages on ruins and the environment and characters’ world constructions in the post-apocalyptic novel? I bask in the achievement of simply finishing it for now, anxiety is for next week).

Also, I think my brain is still busy processing The Works of the Emperor Julian somewhere in the back, as I kind of inhaled them only about 2.5 weeks ago. I’d read bits and pieces before, but not his whole oeuvre. Now I have. Which reminds me that I bought Stratification for the Archaeologist second hand on ebay a while back, and then did not have time to look into it. (I’ve been fascinated by stratification processes ever since I heard a presentation about Dune Field Migration in Stuttgart umpteenth years ago, as part of a DAAD Freundeskreis meetup thing. What can I say … things just … fascinate me. And keep doing so. I am not good at moving on. I just … add).


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