Testing the new Camera I

saturation and coloration are kinda strange in this one … I have less bizarre shots, too, but I kinda like it. Still, not sure if its a good sign when the camera does things like that… .

Since it was sunny today (with some scattered clouds), I thought I’d take the outdoor/unterwater camera I bought from ALDI last Wednesday out for a trial run to one of the local beaches. And, well … I think it performs ok for the amount of money it cost, probably – I have very little reference to base that assumption on – but I’m somewhat cautiously pessimistic. It remained perfectly watertight in the surf and below the surface, but there’s quite a long delay between one pressing the “take the photo now! Now! NOW!” button and the picture actually being taken – and the button is also not very responsive and needs to be pressed quite hard in order to take a picture (a second or so later) and so it is really hard to know when the pressure has been enought and it will eventually get around to taking the picture. I actually half suspect that my camera came with a faulty trigger button, so I’ll take it round to ALDI again on Tuesday and see if they can exchange it, as there is literally zero give to the button at all. Possibly a broken spring, or whatever the mechanism is.

Add to that that, what do you know, hands go really numb kinda quickly in 5°C / 41°F cold sea water and me not actually being able to see whether or not the camera was taking a picture (I kinda drew the line at submerging more than hands and feet), taking photographs became something of a thing of chance more than of careful deliberation (I also have a lot of photos of receding waves, but none of waves actually breaking right in front of the camera – if I keep it, I shall need to learn what precisely the amount of delay between pressing the trigger and the photo being taken is, so I can time things better).

If I keep it and/or it can be fixed or exchanged, test #2 shall be conducted in the Campusbad, probably on Tuesday. We’ll see.

Also – three days from now this blog turns one year old, and it’s at 22’801 visitors. That’s, uh, a lot more than I expected, especially with it being mirrored over on LJ and reads there doing nothing for the counter on here! Thanks y’all for stopping by and stuff!





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