Term, week 3

Week 3 of any given term is usually when I manage to come up for air a bit, and it is no different this term round … you think you’re (really to reasonably) well prepared, and then term starts, and despite you being prepared things that could not be done any sooner/in advance need doing at short notice and a ton of unexpected stuff happens and also you once again forgot that teaching is actually really exhausting and thus you end up doing nothing much but work and eat and sleep. Which is what happened. Also, there was snow on the ground until last week, and yesterday was the first day that one could walk around without wearing one’s winter coat, gloves, a hat and a scarf, so there was nothing much to photograph anyway. The croci have finally started blooming, as have the snowdrops, so maybe spring is finally here … although they’re forecasting cold weather again. But, yes, longish silence: caused by term. No worries. Only workies.

au département de la Haute-Marne
au département de la Haute-Marne






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