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Posts Tagged ‘sibylle’

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Whimsical levels of artifice

So, the dancing was … somewhere on the slippery slope between weird and cool, I am not quite sure which ultimately won. Or would have won, had there not been a conscious decision at some point to simply accept that all the music there was ever going to be that evening would be stuff to which a strong and loud 4/4 artificial beat had been added via the inclusion of an electronic drum kit – and the beat was of the same speed, too, always. Basically, you could start moving in a certain pattern and stop three hours later, without variation having been called for. Also, it’s possible to do really horrible things to “Tubular Bells”. Aside from that one trick pony the guy who did the sampling was not without skill, and the people there all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It kind of felt like a student party at someone’s house (who happens to have a large empty room with a plywood floor), but it’s 20 years later and everyone has aged accordingly, yet the location and the music remains the same (well, plus the added beat).  It definitely didn’t beat surfing across the dancefloor to the Beach Boys, though. (Not that there were any chairs.) Will I go back? Who knows!

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Five months? Means a challenge!

So, my website/blog has been online for five months now.* (Is it its fifth mensiversary? Who knows! If it isn’t then I just made that word up, on the basis that mensis means month in Latin and anniversary means a one-year-thing, so… . Also: annus = year. Two year anniversary = wrong! Correct: Second anniverary. Gethe-and-Goth.com, where the random grammar asides come free of charge. Ha.)

But, I digress.

A lot.

More to the point: Five months, people, and more than six thousand visitors, not counting the folks reading on an RSS feed or via livejournal crossposting. Thank you all for dropping by (and keep doing so! :-) ). I hope you like what you’re seeing and reading.

photo by Rika

So, as a thingy-do (very precise word, thingy-do!), and as something I saw elsewhere some years back and have been wanting to do since then anyway, let’s be interactive when it comes to me taking photographs!


What I propose is this: rather than me just  randomly posting photos of things I encounter, I want you to tell me what to photograph, and I will then do my best to fulfill your requests/challenges! Give me a word, a phrase, a mood, an object, … you want to see, and I’ll see what I can find and photograph.

These challenge phrases can, I’d imagine, range from the abstract (something like ‘sad’ or ‘the perfect moment,’ …) to a title one might give a photo, to the semi-concrete (‘something that annoys you,’ ‘something you regret,’ …) or to concrete things like ‘a towel’). I’ll try to fulfill all reasonable (!) requests**, but depending on what you ask for, how many people reply (six thousand in five months, folks), and when I encounter something that I think fits, it might take some time… . If it gets super-busy I might also close this at some point until I have cleared the backlog.

So, anyone want to play?

Fire away!


*There are posts on here that claim to be older than April 10th, but they’re all backdated – either to the day on which they appeared in my LJ, or so that they don’t clutter up the blog, in the case of the content that I link to on the media page. I picked a random day in the past for those.
**I might be ideosyncratic in deciding what I consider to be reasonable and what I don’t, but lets just say that thinga that are too personal are out for sure. My favourite mug? Why not. My toes? Not so much. (Albeit I did once post a close-up of my eye…).

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Work Work Work (Write Write Write)

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Sunday, June 5th, 2011


a slightly sunburned shoulder

(It’s not as horrible as it looks – I admit to fiddling with some of the color balances a little to get this effect. Still, definitely am slightly sunburned. Ouch. Ah, the vagaries of sitting on a garden bench in Bavaria on Saturday afternoon, playing history games … [Did you know that the first recorded exhibition of a giraffe in Germany is as early as 1200 AD? No, me neither!])

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

There are doors

Things are really busy at the moment, so all I have for you is a photo that came about from a combination of learning the macro function of my new camera and the finer details of the photo editing software that came with said camera, and a quote by William Blake that one of my colleagues recently posted to his door, and which I think rings a lovely bell:


“In the universe, there are things that are known,
and things that are unknown,
and in between, there are doors.”
William Blake