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Thursday, January 26th, 2012



It’s been really quiet around here because one of those winter illnesses tackled me and basically knocked me flat on my back and has been keeping me there for, oh, 10 days now? The worst (touches A LOT of wood) of it seems to be over now, though, so here’s to finally getting out of bed and doing stuff again one day soon. (Like switching a computer [not iphone] on – first time I’ve done so in … 12 days.)

This photo is from last summer, taken on the same day as the Beach Spider.


2 Responses to “Stones”

  1. john Says:

    colds are horrible, hope you are back to full health soon.
    my great gran used to say the road to good health is paved with endless bowls of homemade soup:)

  2. Sib Says:

    yeah, I had a rather unpleasant 10 days with a visiting laryngitis/bronchitis … that’s very true about homemade soup, except when you live alone … no one to make it, so instant soup it is. :-)

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