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Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Spinny thing is spinny

Spinny thing is spinny

This isn’t the best shot, perspective wise – but I really like how the colours came out, and how playing with the shutter speed influenced the dynamics of the central image. Spent parts of the afternoon putting the camera-on-trial through it’s paces – am definitely impressed with the 24x optical zoom (one of the main reasons why I really wanted this camera. I love my Dimage A200, but it’s seven (?) years old now, and 24x vs.  7x optical zoom … yeah).

Next step – print some pictures, see what I think. (Anyone want a b/w guinea pig poster?)


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  1. john Says:

    it looks like its something out of the new dr who.
    exellient photo, it feels like its pulling you in:)

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