Spaceship Economies

Spaceship Economies

When I bought the desktop some months ago, as a photo-editing machine, I also raised the desk in my office from sitting-at height to standing-in-front-of height, and so far I am really happy with that decision. I also try very hard to keep it as clutter free as possible, so that I can spread out whatever project I am currently working on. My desk at work is full of stacks of paper, and whenever I try to ban them all into their respective folders and files my efficiency goes down, as I then spend too much time tracking them down and need to write myself reminders so I don’t forget about any of them – at home, I seem to be able to think better when everything is filed away in its place. I think it has to do with the fact that a TON of things are always going on in parallel at work, and that most of the things there are far smaller in duration than the things I tackle at home. I spent most of today, for example, working on my paper for the conference I am going to next weekend – something I could try to do at work, but would have a hard time getting done there, as too many tiny yet more urgent things always pop up and distract me. Which is also the reason why I am making it a point to (usually … well, sometimes) not read my work email on the weekend. Not because I am not working on the weekend, but because I need to think the longer thoughts, then.

My long thought having been thought for the time being, I shall now go and finish reading one of the BA-theses that I am first grader on. It is May, so their slow trickle has become a bit of a flood, and I don’t want to get behind. I also pondered going for a walk, as it is quite nice out and I only walked to the polling station today and back, but I want to watch the election forecasts at 6pm, so I think I’ll skip the walk today.


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