Something New

3d chess set

So, one of the things I was challenged to photograph was ‘something new’ – and here is my new thing.* I bought it used, but since it’s new to me (it was delivered today), I thought it’d fit the requirement well enough.

I’m not a girl for autographs or costumes or random memorabilia, but I always wanted a 3-d chess set – I think because it is something functional outside of being a merchandise item, and I like playing chess, and adding a dimension was just mindboggling and … fascinating.

Since they were way out of my price range at the time I bought a xeroxed rulebook instead and built one myself, out of plywood and coat hangers – and while it did its job well enough, stability was an issue from time to time, and it was a bit low on elegance.

But I’ve been selling things on ebay recently (it’s great! Out of the house, things!), and while randomly/wistfully searching for 3-d chess sets it turned out that they have become a lot more affordable while I wasn’t looking! So I decided that part of the money** I’ve been making selling things might as well go towards fulfilling my more than a decade-old yearning for a shiny chess set.

And here it is. Now I need to find people to play it with.

* My camera has a ‘pinhole camera’ setting, which is how the effect in this photo came to be.

** Most of it is vaguely earmarked towards the book printing costs that are approaching on the horizon.





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