Post says yes, she actually is black and white, thank you very much – and also certainly dynamic.

(I shot this photo with the “dynamic B&W setting” on the camera I am trying out right now – I foresee an expedition to the “fish market” [where you can find a lot of stuff, and maybe also some fish] in between PhD-ing tomorrow, to put it through its paces. For now I’ve mostly fiddled with the macro options, and not at all yet with the super zoom. Pictures seem a bit pixel-y when viewed at their actual size, though, so I might have to get some printed to see what I think.)

(And, yes, her sister is indeed called Modernism – just in case you were wondering. [I know you were wondering.] [Or not.])





3 responses to “Post”

  1. john

    thats so cute, she has the look of i didnt do it on her face:)
    the question what did she do?

    1. Sibylle

      :-) At that point, I think she was mostly trying to see if the camera is edible or not, and did not understand why I did not want her to find out.

  2. john

    lol, the new camera diet, for those of you with expensive tastes. a camera aday makes work, rest and play:) its a great photo.

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