Podcasting Vernissage Flyer, by Silke Streichhahn

I don’t post about work on here much (well, that is, except to soliloquize about the PhD from time to time), but today shall mark an exception, as today was a) an event open to the public and b) awesome! I offered a project class on podcasting this winter term (which is just about ending now) in our KSM (culture – language – media) masters programme, and tonight we had an exhibition in the library of the video podcasts the students made, as an opportunity to showcase the work and so that more people/the people who appear in the podcasts can see the final results, where the students got to introduce their movies and they were then shown to the gathered masses.

The movies are fabulous, the poster design looks great, everything went smoothly and came together and I am really glad that we managed to attract a decently sized crowd to the vernissage tonight, weather and end-of-term work notwithstanding, as they all really put in a lot of work and it really deserves to be seen by lots more people than just me.

I hope a lot of people will take the chance to go and visit the exhibit, which will be on for at least two weeks, starting tomorrow. (And if the podcasts are added to the uni website like we hope they will be, I’ll share a link).

So, that was my evening. How was yours?




5 responses to “Podcasting”

  1. john

    It sounds very interesting and a lot of work.
    All those involved should be very proud of what they have achieved.
    It would be cool if they do get linked to the uni website so other people like myself can see them from around the world.
    my evening will be full of watching the final series of ashes to ashes of which im quite looking forward too
    and having a nice cheese toastie and a cup of tea:)

  2. Sibylle

    a cheese toastie and a cup of tea sounds lovely (though I haven’t seen any Ashes to Ashes yet).
    If we get them online (some performance rights are pending), I will definitely post the link!

  3. Sibylle

    John, not too fussed with performance rights (and fair enough, since it is they themselves they are posting a video of), the caretakers of the uni have posted the podcast about them on the net – you can find it here.

  4. john

    Thanks for the link, interesting podcast, loved the intro shots and cool use of music.
    They seem like a nice group of guys.
    It’s great to see and hear how different aspects of a place works.

  5. Sib

    They are a fun group of guys, and I am really chuffed with the students picking these subjects and deciding to show aspects of the uni that are so easy to miss … other movies are about things like people working in the cafeteria or in the library etc… .

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