Order, order!

This right now is my first weekend after finishing my backload of stuff and getting it all done. (Finally!) I’ve been finishing things on the day of their deadline (or in some cases a bit after the deadline) for what seems like months and months – I let things slide in the last months of finishing the PhD, and then going away on holidays straight after my disputation was, while wonderful, not something that helped me with catching up on the things I hadn’t finished while still doing PhD things, since I got back and went straight into grading, and so didn’t catch up with things, and … . But I finally caught up with everything that was due late on Thursday, did most of next weeks’ class prep on Friday, and thus could take the weekend off from working (aside from some reading that I need to do for work, but that does not count as work, for me).

So what did I do with my free Saturday? Well, I did some of the non-work things that I’ve been neglecting, namely re-ordering and dusting the bookshelves that I’ve only dumped books into willy-nilly for the last months. (I don’t sort books alphabetically or anything like that, but I do try to keep subject areas together and separate from each other. As an example you can see the re-sorted and expanded shelves of my books connected to the Basileia Romaion* above (more commonly known as the Byzantine Empire, these days), which was in a particularly sad state, as (partially due to the PhD) the books had well overflowed their alloted space and where anywhere from bunched into the American Literature shelves to piled up behind the TV. (I also might have re-sorted bits of my sand collection so that sand from beaches that were at some point part of the Empire are placed in front of the books. They all needed dusting anyway, so…).

I also put things on ebay, did a lot of washing, dusting, sorting, discarding, sorting of papers, cleaning of windows … the exciting times dans Casa Sibylle, let me show you them! But it needed doing, and it was just as well done today, when the weather was not really conducive to doing lots of things outside (if today had been sunny, different things would have happened, but at least the temperatures were finally high enough to keep the windows open and to give everything a good airing out). Unless it pours down tomorrow, doing things outside is firmly on the agenda! So that was my Saturday. How was yours?

PS: I did not only take a photo of a country road at night yesterday (while being stopped, folks! Drive savely!), but also spent some time on the way to the birthday party I was invited to driving around northern Germany’s countryside in the evening, so, uh, have a photo of a cow? Moo!

* Yes, if you’re looking closely, some of those books have somewhat sensational titles (while actually being pretty sober content-wise). The Last Pagan was of course (and contrary to what the book’s title suggests), not the last pagan to ever live – merely the last pagan to also be Emperor of the Roman Empire (Emperor Julian). And Justinian’s Flea is not about a strange pet of the Emperor Justinian (alas?). (But since you’ll be able to find my name on a book called In the Ruins of Civilizations, who am I to say?)


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