New Zealand Albatrosses

New Zealand Albatrosses

I’ve been going through my photographs from New Zealand, looking for a particular one … and, well, my new camera sure is a lot better than the one I had then. (Not the one you have now, P., but the one before that). All the photos have a bit of a blueish tint, now that I am looking at them on my higher-quality monitor. They printed out fine, though (all my photo decorations in the living room are still photos I took in New Zealand – I oughta maybe do something about that at some time or other … maybe. Or not. ), so I am not too worried about it.

(And, yes, I think I have become a slightly better photographer, too. Still, so many pixelly photos … bit of a pity).

I have also fixed the tags vs. categories system. I’ve spent five minutes now and then tagging all the old posts, and now I am done. Everything is all tagged up now! (And lots of now obsolete categories have consequently been deleted) – (Also, accidentally, some tag that started with “F” and had seven posts using it, but I have no idea what it was, and am not going through everything to possibly find out). Oops & *shrug*





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