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Saturday, June 25th, 2011


So, while I wait for the washing machine to finish doing its magic (and resist taking another shower) – see post below – I thought I might as well catch up on myself a little and post about Nashville. I spent two days in Nashville (one more than I planned on), but on the first one of those I did not do much. I got up, went to the (Nashville) Parthenon, and then a) that thunderstorm I posted a picture off showed up and b) I was all done in. When I travel some distance westwards around the globe I am usually fine on the day I arrive and on the day after, but day three is always tough. So I decided to spend another night in Nashville and to hie back to the hotel at around 1pm. I’d originally planned on reading the one book I bought (paper book – I bought about 200 books on my Ipad), but ended up watching about 6 hours of Project Runway instead. Zapped into it, and got kind of sucked in. At least they showed a complete season, so I got to find out who won – otherwise it would have been really frustrating. So I can report that I’ve now watched more than five minutes of a casting show (if it can be considered one of those). Another first! (Like the skunk thing, but far more enjoyable).

the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville

Anyway, watched too much TV, slept, got up early on day after, feeling much better, worked some on my paper, packed car, drove back into Nashville and wandered around. Grand Old Opry – check; Ryman Auditorium – check; a gazillion tourist traps selling cowboy boots and tacky souveniers – check; also: small grey boxes on the street corners that play country music and regularly welcome you to Nashville. Those must be annoying, if you happen to live next to one of them.

All in all, I spent about 5 hours in Nashville, and then decided that I had better get a move on, and headed out of town on US-68 towards Lexington – but that’s going to be the next entry in these travel adventure reports, since my washing is done now.


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